Raji Rags



Boiler Room’s Head of Music and co-founder of Livin’ Proof, Raji Rags rustles up a mix that goes from hip-hop, soul, gospel, dusty vinyl gems to the most upfront exclusives in electronic music. Monthly Fridays, mid-day 'til 2.

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  • The Singing Stars-Wait on Jesus
  • The Guess Who-Three More Days
  • Bim Sherman-Haunting Ground Dub
  • Moses Boyd-Drum Dance
  • Baba Stiltz-Beirut
  • ANOHNI-Execution
  • Henry Wu-Summer Road
  • Moon B-Mending
  • Moon B-Anything
  • NeferTT-Bless Moon
  • Aphex Twin-2X202-ST5
  • SPA (Steve Spacek)-Bright Eyes
  • Henry Wu-117 Careplan
  • Laszlo Dancehall-Channel
  • Aphex Twin-CIRKLON 1
  • DjRum-LA
  • Hunee-Crossroads (DJ Fett Burger’s Boss Brian Computer Mix)
  • Public Service Broadcasting-E.V.A. [Vessels]
  • Mikron-Ask Me
  • Omar S-Cry Me A River
  • LCD Soundsystem-Hippie Priest Bum Out
  • The Kondi Band-Belle Wahallah
  • Dalt Wisney-Star Eyes
  • Mike James Kirkland and Nicolas Jaar-What My Last Girl Put Me Through
  • Isan-Catgot
  • Submerse-No Continues Kid
  • Flanger-Loose Joints
  • Jay Dee aka J Dilla-B.B.E. (Big Booty Express)
  • Aphex Twin-CHEETAHT7b
  • Om Unit-What It Is
  • GB feat Steve Spacek-Simply So (Instrumental)
  • Aoki Takamasa-RN4-09
  • Floating Points-Kuiper