The Wire Magazine Present Rewired



The Wire magazine's daytime adventures on air presented by Shane Woolman & Daisy Hyde, broadcast every other Thursday between 6-8pm.

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  • Roosevelt Charles (Robert Pete William-s)-Let My People Go
  • Sully-Simple Things
  • Black City lights-Not Enough (For us)
  • Aria Rostami-Vietnamoses
  • Jaakko Eimo Kalevi-Memories (Heatsick's Continental Drift Mix)
  • Lurka-Nah So
  • OOIOO-Jesso Testa
  • Taiga Remains-Sup Pralad
  • Petwo Evans-Tumble
  • John Coltrane-Offering (Live)
  • Oneohtrix Point Never-i only have eyes for you
  • Keiji Haino-Jim O'Rourke-Oren Ambarchi-Only Wanting to melt Beautifully Away Is it a Lack of Contentment That Stirs Affection for Those Things Said to Be as of Yet Unseen
  • Fhloston Paradigm-Never Forget
  • Shanghai Den-The Sun
  • Al Dobson Jr-Live At Central Hotel
  • Tarab-Untitled
  • Moire-Bboy 202
  • ikonika-Tug Zone