Record Store Rotation: Rough Trade



Counter Culture Mixtape aims to reflect the diverse styles of music we sell at Rough Trade - past, present & future – with an array of mini-mixes from numerous members of the shop staff, all of whom have their own individual passions for a variety of genres & noises.

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  • Cookypuss-Beastie Boys
  • I Never Knew-The Avocados
  • Gangbusters Scratch Mix-Grand Wizard Theodore
  • Hiss-Shit and Shine
  • Gazolina (Red Axis Edit)-Chromosome
  • On Your Life-Joe Farr
  • Ansome-South London Analogue Material
  • Red Sex-Vessel
  • Southern Comfort-Burial
  • Broke-Fantastic Mr Fox
  • Stab Railroad-The Heads
  • Crashing Song-Crash Course in Science
  • Cello and Whirlies-Oliver Coates
  • Laura-Vincent Gallo
  • Superman-Laurie Anderson
  • Unknown-MP
  • Break a Mirrored Leg-Quirke
  • No. 6 Side B-Demdike Stare
  • Don't Make Me Over-Julia Holter
  • The Grip-The Wharves
  • Jenny Take A Ride-Mitch Ryder amd the Detroit Wheels
  • Lady Day and John Coltrane-Gil Scott Heron
  • I Remember the Summer-Inell Young
  • What Ya Gonna Do-Eddie Bo
  • Puttin' Game Down-Luther Ingram
  • Mini-Skirts and Soul - Chris Kenner
  • All That Shines is Not Gold-The Windjammers
  • Lovely Ladies-Jimmy Hughes
  • What More-ZZ Hill
  • Total Satisfaction-Brief Encounter
  • You're the One For Me-Wanda Jackson
  • I'll Go-The Gories
  • This is Normal-Soundcarriers