Record Store Rotation: Rough Trade



Counter Culture Mixtape aims to reflect the diverse styles of music we sell at Rough Trade - past, present & future – with an array of mini-mixes from numerous members of the shop staff, all of whom have their own individual passions for a variety of genres & noises.

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  • Link Wray-Rise and Fall of Jimmy Stokes
  • Skins Williams-Skins Funk
  • Shocking Blue-Send me a Postcard
  • Mel Torme-Comin Home
  • Blue Phantom-Dipnoi
  • The Fall-Rebellious Jukebox (John Peel Session)
  • JTIV-Destructo Rock
  • Death-Restlessness
  • Could You Understand Me (Havidić)-Fire
  • £5.60 - Sleaford Mods-Five Pound Sixty
  • Buzzcocks-Time's Up
  • Dr. Feelgood-Roxette
  • John Cooper Clarke-Psycle Sluts parts 1 & 2
  • Patrick Fitzgerald-Safety Pin Stuck in my Heart
  • The Alarm Clocks-No Reason to Complain
  • The Undertones-Teenage Kicks
  • Siouxsie and the Banshees-Hong Kong Garden
  • Le Tigre-Deceptacon
  • The Pagans-Not Not No Way
  • Edwyn Colins-Never Met a Girl Like You
  • The Leanover-Life Without Buildings
  • Starslinger-May I Walk With You
  • SD Laika-You Were Wrong
  • Black Bananas-TV Trouble
  • Cosmin TRG-Repetitiv
  • DJ Rashad& DJ Spinn-Broken Hearted
  • Call Super-Depicta
  • Gloria Jones-Tainted Love
  • Luther Ingram-It's all the Same To You Babe
  • Wilson Pickett-The Girl That Radiates That Charm
  • Bohemians-Like Stoned
  • The Amazing Snakeheads-I'm a Vampire
  • Gil Bateman-My Daddy Walked in Darkness
  • Vicki Lynn-Don't Break My Heart
  • The Phycle-Yesterday's Obsession