Sacred Pools w/ Kelan



DJ October is perhaps mainly known for his off-kilter work in the fields of house and techno, but can be heard on NTS showcasing a fine selection of records for the Sacred Pools show - harshly metallic noise rock, unhinged post-punk, early industrial and chillingly minimal synth records. No holds barred.

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  • John Cage-Fontana Mix
  • Todd Dockstader-Two Fragments from Apocalypse
  • Olskog-Through a Landscape of Mirrors
  • Nurse With Wound-Unknown
  • 23 Skidoo-Gregouka
  • Tamia-Narcissa Soils
  • Crass-Bloody Revolutions
  • Crass-Reality Asylum
  • Sonic Violence-Asphyxia
  • Big Black-Passing Complexion
  • Revolting Cocks-You Often Forgot (Benign Side)
  • Front Line Assembly-Virus
  • Ron Morelli-Sledgehammer II
  • Giant Swan-Earn
  • Nick Edwards-Chance Meets Casualty Uptown
  • Boyd Rice With Joel Heartling-Themes From Pearls Beyond Swine
  • A Certain Ratio-Loss
  • James Black and the Whites-Contort Yourself
  • Pindrop-Fear
  • Maximum Joy-Let Them Take You There
  • Public Image LTD-Public Image
  • Medium Medium-So Hungry So Angry
  • Miniloon-Das Leben
  • Cravats-Fireman
  • Thomas Lear-King of Sham
  • Chris and Cosey-Voodoo
  • Electronic Eye-Black Star Crystal Speaks
  • John Carpenter-Starman OST
  • Heatsick-E-Scape
  • Orchestral Manouvers in the Dark-Waiting for the Man
  • Divine-Native Love ( Step By Step)
  • Cabaret Voltaire-Don't Argue
  • Ministry-Over The Shoulder