Sacred Pools w/ DJ October



DJ October is perhaps mainly known for his off-kilter work in the fields of house and techno, but can be heard on NTS showcasing a fine selection of records for the Sacred Pools show - harshly metallic noise rock, unhinged post-punk, early industrial and chillingly minimal synth records. No holds barred.

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  • Science Rhythm-Intruder
  • The Klinik-Never Get Out
  • God Bullies-I Want To Kill You
  • Butthole Surfers-The Coloured F.B.I. Guy
  • The Jesus Lizard-The Associate
  • MFH-Vox Humana
  • Sonic Youth-Beat On The Brat
  • Sonic Youth-Touch Me Im Sick
  • Revolting Cocks-Lets Get Physical
  • David Jackman-Edge Of Nothing
  • Chromosome-Gazolina (Red Axes Edit)
  • Queen-Mustapha
  • Grazia-Rampi Rampi
  • Singing Guitars-Torero A Gipsy
  • Mystery Plane-Road Movie
  • Front 242-Special Forces
  • Boytronic-Trigger Track
  • Lime-On The Grid
  • Dharma-Plastic Doll (Dub Version)
  • Skatt Brothers-Walk The Night
  • Medium Medium-So Hungry So Angry
  • Nurse With Wound-Nana Or A Thing Of Uncertain Nonsense
  • Swell Maps-The Graveyard Shift
  • Genetic Factor-The Lizard King, Empty Highway
  • Attrition-Dream Sleep
  • The Rick Potts Band-Platform Swimfins (-8 version)
  • The Cure-Siamese Twins
  • Herbie Hancock-Hidden Shadows
  • Coil-S Is For Sleep