funkeecookee - Live from Shanghai



We team up with China Social Club once a month for some radio, live from Shanghai. Expect far-ranging sets from local DJs and record labels, bringing everything from Canto-Pop, Eccentric 80s dance tunes, Japanese, house, Chinese indie and rock.

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  • David Axelrod-Holy Thursday
  • Ceezy-810b (Demo)
  • Amon Tobin-Stoney Street
  • 唐人踢 TangRenTi-聊酿蜜和秋裤 Liao Niang Mi He Qiu Ku
  • 唐人踢 TangRenTi Feat. ChaCha-死人的主席 Si Ren De Zhu Xi
  • Knxwledge-Tkekareofit
  • 张骐骥 Kichy TliC Feat. 赵鑫 Kevin (from Itsogoo)-回
  • Jinsfake & Natural Doc-Meditation
  • Organized Konfusion-Black Sunday
  • Bakers Of The Holy Bread-Black Christ
  • Natural Doc-Boodah Night
  • Wagon Christ-Ain't He Heavy, He's My Brother
  • DJ Spooky-Theme of the Drunken Sailor
  • Soulspeak & TTechmak-Dreams Spacesships and Ice Cream
  • One track from the record: Tapes-
  • Damacha-不得了 Bu De Liao
  • Chill Terrific & Wootacc-你们太土了 Ni Men Tai Tu Le (unreleased)
  • 怪兽先生 Guai Shou Xian Sheng Feat. Youngqueenz-谁与争锋 Shei Yu Zheng Feng
  • 窦唯-山秀谷
  • 英水帝江 Ying Shui Di Jiang-枯荣二树 Ku Rong Er Shu
  • 管平湖 Guan Ping Hu-流水 Liu Shui