Endy - Live from Shanghai



We team up with China Social Club once a month for some radio, live from Shanghai. Expect far-ranging sets from local DJs and record labels, bringing everything from Canto-Pop, Eccentric 80s dance tunes, Japanese, house, Chinese indie and rock.

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  • ​白木秀雄 (Hideo Shiraki)-祭りの幻想 (In Fiesta)
  • ​​蒲谷鶴彥 (Kabaya Tsuruhiko)-野辺の小鳥
  • ​​Water Melon-Jungle Flower
  • ​やまがたすみこ (Sumiko Yamagata)-夏の光い
  • ​山下達郎 (Tatsuro Yamashita)-Groovin'
  • ​Unknown-LP400通過走行音
  • ​Special Jam Company with 酒井俊 (Shun Sakai)-Dancing Waves
  • ​​Kaoru-Comin' Together
  • ​You & The Explosion Band-Midnight Cruise
  • ​Afrika-You Make Me High
  • ​Safari-Lonely One In City
  • ​​安部恭弘 (Yasuhiro Abe)-Steppin’
  • ​​アストライア (Astraia)-セレスハネムー (Ceres Honey Moon)
  • ​​Light House Project-見知らぬ者たちの船
  • ​​イルカ (Iruka)-悪魔クンの追っかけ
  • ​​The Cosmoalpha-Shanghai Lil ~ I'm Following You
  • ​​The Bach Revolution-白金の恋人たち (帯域幅チェック)
  • ​​TPO-Noon
  • ​​平山みき (Miki Hirayama)-電子レンジ
  • ​Unit 1+2-Seaside Memories
  • ​​薗広昭 (Hiroaki Sono)-哀愁の夏の日
  • ​門あさ美 (Asami Kado)-白い花と赤い花