Sacco - Live from Shanghai



We team up with China Social Club once a month for some radio, live from Shanghai. Expect far-ranging sets from local DJs and record labels, bringing everything from Canto-Pop, Eccentric 80s dance tunes, Japanese, house, Chinese indie and rock.

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  • Lara & The Trailers-Run For Your Life
  • Yao Su Rong-Steal the Person of the Heart
  • Rita Chao & The Quests-Shake, Shake, Shake
  • Lim Ling and the Silvertones-Why Do I Fall In Love With You-
  • The Quests-Mustapha
  • The Stylers-Wandering Off
  • D'Topnotes-The Duck
  • Huang Qing Yuan-Manli
  • Tian Niu-Wrong Again
  • 空白的明信片-邰肇玫
  • Monica-张国荣
  • 2010-2016 Chinese Rock
  • Next Years Love-Smash the Pink Bug
  • Dear Eloise-亲爱的艾洛伊丝
  • Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes-你不爱我
  • Duck Fight Goose-History
  • Nova Heart-No Controversy
  • Snapline-She
  • Yang Fan-Autumn In Your Town