Shape w/ N1L



SHAPE is a Creative Europe-supported platform for innovative music and audiovisual art that unites 16 innovative music festivals, including CTM, Unsound, TodaysArt, Rokolectiv and many more. Each year, the festival curators choose 48 strong artists/musicians and showcase them throughout Europe and beyond.

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  • King Missile-Get Down With The Funky Shit
  • N1L-wrong Headspace [forthcoming 2015 EP]
  • N1L-Iguana Love Bite [forthcoming 2015 EP]
  • Kinlaw-Don Monty
  • Metalheads-Saint angel
  • Altern8-Frequency (Victory remix)
  • Mike Parker-Full Moon In Winter
  • Laurel Halo-Ainnome
  • Hazylujah-Minds Wired
  • Stanislav Tolkachev-Like No One Is Watching
  • Untold-Sing a love Song
  • The Dirty Criminals-Acidbox
  • Traxx ft Tom Mitchell-Identity Crisis
  • Marcello Napoletano-Everyday Madness
  • Oni Ayhun-Oar004
  • D'Marc Cantu-No Control
  • Hieroglyphic Being-Je suis Musique
  • Roberto Crippa-Helix
  • Marcus Schmickler-Altars of Science 2
  • Martins Rokis-10.10.2010 #1 (Live Recordings 2009-2011)
  • Toyc-Keyframe (Bloom Remix)
  • Lee Gamble-Voxel City Spirals
  • Final Pov-Sleeping On The Ceiling
  • Nikolajev-Casino