Shape w/ Zamilska



SHAPE is a Creative Europe-supported platform for innovative music and audiovisual art that unites 16 innovative music festivals, including CTM, Unsound, TodaysArt, Rokolectiv and many more. Each year, the festival curators choose 48 strong artists/musicians and showcase them throughout Europe and beyond.

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  • Gazelle Twin-A1 Receptor
  • Gesaffelstein-Destinations [ALEPH]
  • clipping.-Body & Blood (not the video)
  • Holly Herndon-Interference
  • Diamond Version-Make Believe
  • DJ Rashad-I don't Give A Fuck
  • Kyoka-Hadue
  • Gardlan-Hell Flurr
  • Gazelle Twin-Belly Of The Beast
  • Ripatti Teeth-#52
  • Kuedo-Glow (Clark Remix)
  • Skalpel-Adventures in space
  • Vessel-Anima