Silent Servant Presents: Optimistic Decay

Los Angeles


Leftfield techno flag-bearer Silent Servant, who heads up the Jealous God label with Regis and James Ruskin, holds down a monthly 2 hour session from NTS' studio in Los Angeles.

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  • Thomas Leer & Robert Rental-The Bold way in and the Hard out
  • Nine Circles-The Rose
  • Puce Mary-The Actor
  • DAF-Muskel
  • Vatican Shadow-Worshippers At The Same Mosque
  • Chrome-New Age
  • Pure Ground-Omission
  • LFO-Snot
  • Regis-New Temptation
  • Ancient Methods-When All Is Said And Done
  • Regis-The New Flame (Is Inside You)
  • Broken English Club-Wreck
  • Tadeo-The Net (Abdullah Rashim Remix)
  • Broken English Club-Carrion
  • Continuous Mode-Direct Drive (Mode 1)
  • Jeff Mills-Avenger
  • Schwefelgelb-Fokus
  • 400ppm-Lender of the Last Resort
  • Phortune-Jiggerwatts
  • Truncate-7.1 (Silent Servant RMX)
  • DJ Sotofett-Philip Sherburne, your word should be worth more than the ignorance of Pitchfork (Generic Mix)
  • Wata Igarashi-03 Mood Of The Machines, Pt. III
  • Kirlian Camera-News (Room 506 Edit)
  • Led Er Est-Kaiyo Maru
  • Notchnoi Prospect-Acids
  • Psyche-Unveiling the Secret (Razormaid Re-Edit)
  • Device Control-Most People
  • Liaisons Dangereuses-Los NiƱos Del Parque
  • LVRIN-Jumper
  • //Tense//-Boys in Black Leather
  • R E N D E R E D-Girl Scouting a Coma
  • The Klinik-Hours and Hours