Siren w/ Nazira



SIREN exists to challenge and re-define current preconceptions within dance music, whilst bringing to the fore those underrepresented in the scene. Throwing queer parties in London promoting women and non-binary artists, their monthly NTS show explores techno in its broadest sense, covering everything from electro, to minimal, acid and breakbeat.

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  • Healing Force Project-Kinetic Drawing
  • Jus-Ed - The Breach
  • EMG-Ekosphere
  • Asusu-Sendak
  • Forest Drive West-Show Them
  • Tsuzing-R
  • Zemi17-An Army of Crickets
  • Stenny-Consumer's Tool
  • Peter van Hoessen-Duet Dub
  • Adam X-Breaking Thru Your Forcefield
  • Hieroglyphic Being-The Sound of KMT
  • DL/MS-Artis
  • Via App-Con Artist
  • Surgeon-Poise Posture
  • Paul Damage-Passing By
  • DJ Spider-Franklin De Costa
  • Byran Bogues-Subway
  • Echo 106-Myrtle Acid
  • Manni Dee-Occupational Burnout
  • Mosca-Kneecap
  • Orphx-Sever The Signal
  • Boss & Radial-We Don't Know Either
  • Rune Bagge-Repulsion
  • IBON-No Cry (Ectotherm)
  • Percy X-On A Day (Remake)
  • Sulphuric-Slow Burn
  • Air Liquide-Liquid Men With Liquid Hearts (Bassline Remix)
  • Tantra-Tantra
  • Sapho-I Wish I Knew