S K Y A P N E A w/ Caterina Barbieri



Every other week NTS will air 120 minutes of sound curated by SKYAPNEA. Precisely assembled mixes put together by label's head Giovanni Civitenga with frequent guests called in to provide their idea of immersive sound.

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  • Drake-Keep the Family Close
  • Huerco S.-A Sea Of Love
  • MJ Guider-Second Surface
  • Susumu Yokota-Gekkoh
  • Khonnor-Dusty
  • Dim Grimm-Perlissop
  • Ian William Craig-Contain (Astoria Version)
  • U-Arcane Fantasy
  • Arthur Russell-Reach One
  • Riccardo Sinigaglia-Incontro
  • Jozef Van Wissem-Concerning the Beautiful Human Form After Death;
  • COH-132
  • Robert de Visée-Prélude (played by Josè Miguel Moreno)
  • Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto-Plateux 1
  • alexander zhikharev-parting worlds
  • Ellen Arkbro, Kali Malone-Oktober
  • Carlo Maria-Mirage
  • Duane Pitre-Section V, Section II (from Feel Free)
  • Keiji Haino-See That My Grave Is Kept Clean
  • Caterina Barbieri-Near Collision II