Slime w/ Little



Slime comes sticky and green, heady ambient custard. Tracks linger like ectoplasm, put it on when you’re nodding off every other Monday evening, and see what you dream up.

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  • Amorphous Androgynous-Mountain Goat
  • Flash And the Pan-Lights In The Night
  • James Ferrero-Condom
  • Anthony Pateras-Untitled 6
  • Beatrice Dillon-Face A
  • Dungeon Acid-Duped 3
  • B12-Westelands
  • Unknown-Tangle Eye Blues
  • Micachu & Thr Shapes-Oh Baby
  • Eric Satie-Gymnopdie
  • The Orb-O.O.B.E
  • Jaydee-Plastic Dreams
  • Ian Blevins-Welcome Aunt Poly
  • David Bowie-Letter To Hermione