SOS Radio 025 w/ Sofie & Gustavo Eandi



Sofie presents SOS Radio - Everywhere Music.

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  • Sofie-eyelid theme
  • Les Wanted-O Sabia
  • Powerhouse-False Start
  • Ahmad Jamal-Peace At Last
  • Leon Lowman-Bumpin on Sunset
  • Tommmasi-e tutto, fino l’ombra
  • James Clarke-Thoughts and Visions
  • Bruton Music Library-Night Groove
  • Tony Lee-Teaser
  • Azul y Negro-Mar De La Tranquilidad
  • Davide E Sara-Facciamo L’Amore Non La Guerra
  • Mike Lidell & Gli Atomi-Nelle Mani Tue
  • Michael Naura-Don’t Stop
  • The Frank Cunimondo Trio-Echoes
  • Bobby Caldwell-My Flame
  • Zeroh-TUF.luv
  • The Ramsey Lewis Trio-Please Send Me Someone To Love
  • NxWorries-What More Can I Say
  • Mnd-loveisnear (ruff)
  • Paul Misraki-Theme d’amour
  • MANAL-Porque hoy nací (from “Manal”, Argentina
  • HORACIO “CHIVO” BORRARO-Blues para un cosmonauta (from “Blues para un cosmonauta”, Argentina
  • LULA CÔRTES E ZÉ RAMALHO-Não Existe Molhado Igual Ao Pranto (from “Paêbirú”, Brazil
  • FINIS AFRICAE-Zoo Zulu ( from “Finis Africae”, Spain
  • RANDOMIZE-Radio Manila (from “¿Como Se Divertirán Los Insectos?”, Spain
  • FERNANDO GELBARD-Alevacolariea (from “Didi”, Argentina
  • KEITH LEVENE-Taang Ting! (Version I) (from “Violent Opposition”, UK
  • *(spoken word, fragment) NUOVA COMPAGNIA DI CANTO POPOLARE-Rosario (from “La Gatta Cenerentola”, Italy
  • FERNANDO GELBARD-Mojo uno (from “Didi”, Argentina
  • VOLL-Horda Capta (from “Pororoca”
  • ERASMO CARLOS-Sabado morto (from “Sonhos e Memórias 1941 - 1972”, Brazil
  • *(fragment) REPLICANTES-Las flores muertas (from “Productos de la Tierra” (Various), Spain