Afrobuddha Presents: Spirits Frequency



Join Kay Suzuki and Koichi Sakai, a.k.a Afrobuddha, on the astral plane for a couple hours of seriously esoteric tunes. Consciousness-expanding stuff.

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  • Gigi Masin-Nadir
  • Eska-Dear Evelyn
  • Martin Denny-Quiet Village
  • Weather Report-Young And Fine
  • Humair Jeanneau Texier-Maghreb De Canard
  • Stevie Wonder-Jesus Children Of America
  • Geroge Duke-Malibu
  • Vin Gordon-Kojo Hoy
  • Jah93 meets Chazbo-Silent Prayer
  • Big Youth-Feed A Nation
  • Terakaft-Tafoux Tele
  • Sorry Bamba-Yayoroba
  • Rail Band-Mariba Yasa
  • Soundspecies-Fassirimar
  • Electric Jalaba-Moulana
  • Electric Jalaba-Cubaili
  • Flying Ibex-Alter Of Your Being
  • Dave De Rose-Glatitude
  • The Room Below-Freedom
  • Eska-Rock Of Ages
  • Bob James-Macumba
  • Johnny Clark-Keep On Moving