Hosted by Everything is Everything, his soul rooted SUNCUT show boast’s a heartfelt collection of some favourite 45’s through to classic bonafide soulful jams.

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  • Shuggie Ottis-Island Letter
  • Dela Soul-I Be Blown
  • Peace Of Dream-Warm Weather
  • Renee Geyer Band-I Really Love You
  • Azymuth-Partido Alto
  • Momie O-You're Welcome To Stop On By
  • The Topics-God & You
  • Labelle-Sunday's News
  • The Reality Band & Show-Gangster Boy
  • Ray Frazier & The Shades Of Madness-Gonna Get Your Love
  • Wayne Carter-Wahoo, Wahoo, Wahoo
  • Maria Fumaca-Mr. Funky Samba
  • Primeira Impressões-Fim Da Primeira Parte
  • Bobby Dukes-Just To Be With You
  • Dee Dee Warick-You Tore My Wall Down
  • Mixed Feelings-Sha lala
  • Wizdom-So In Love With You
  • James Mason-Dreams