The Synth Hero Show w/ Syrinx



Buchla, Moog, Roland, E-mu, Fairlight, Korg, Yamaha, Waldorf. The Synth Hero show pays its respects to those that need. An ode to synthesis from the latest and greatest.

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  • Hugh Le Caine-Dripsody
  • Intersystems-Music Growl & Scream
  • Karlheinz Stockhausen-Gesang der Junglinge
  • Intersystems-Confetti Room
  • Luciano Berio-Visage
  • Syrinx-Ibistix
  • Holly Herndon-Morning Sun
  • John Mills-Cockell - Collision
  • Aphex Twin-Come To Daddy
  • Syrinx-Tillicum
  • Steve Reich-Different Trains
  • A Tribe Called Red-Electric Intertribal
  • Syrinx-Tumblers to the Vault
  • Syrinx-December Angel