The Synth Hero Show w/ Giancarlo Drago



Giancarlo Drago of The Tapes brings a selection of his own collection of industrial music, compiled during The Tapes' active years in the eighties. Most of these works were published exclusively on tape.

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  • Vittore Baroni, Daniele Ciullini-Gamma Thetan
  • F:A.R.-Passi Uguali
  • Die Form-Oltre
  • Interracion-Newton
  • RD-Treni Lirici
  • S-Core-Insanity of Grandeur
  • Esplendor Geometrico-El Acero Del Partido II
  • Daniele Ciullini, De Rezke-Fishes
  • Vivenza-Automatismes Concrets
  • Keeler & Tara Cross-Skylift
  • Philippe Laurent-Et Hop
  • Tasaday-Crisalide
  • Conrad Schnitzler-Eine Hommage En Italia
  • The Tapes-Falso Movimento A4
  • F:A.R.-Abbandonati 1