The Synth Hero Show w/ Xeno Oaklander



Buchla, Moog, Roland, E-mu, Fairlight, Korg, Yamaha, Waldorf. The Synth Hero show pays its respects to those that need. An ode to synthesis from the latest and greatest.

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  • LENA PLATONOS-SHADOWS OF LOVE ; Little is known of this artist from Crete from the early 80s
  • V-SOR, X-THE GLANCE; classic UK minimal reissued by the very important German imprint Genetic music
  • IGOR KULJERIC-MUHA ; an experimental gem from former yugoslavia
  • XENO & OAKLANDER-CHEVRON; an instrumental from our latest album TOPIARY
  • COLD IN THE HEAD-CORRIDA HUMAINE; we like the talking on this, and the insect like percussive sounds
  • ALPAR-JUNO 60-1; Budapest based musician with a great ear for the minimal
  • MARTIAL CANTEREL-DRIVE; an unreleased track by Sean's solo project Martial Canterel
  • LAURA LUNA-SIMULACRA; this one's from a Mexican experimental artist based in Prague
  • LOST ARTIST-JORG OPITZ MIX 39 TRACK 06; super obscure from a great hand made compilation series by a German record collector
  • FOUND ARTIST-JORG OPITZ MIX 47 TRACK 20; same goes for this
  • XENO & OAKLANDER / JOHN FOXX-HE'S A LIQUID; this is a cover we did of legendary UK synth musician John Foxx
  • Πρόσωπο (Face)-PEGASUS; wonderful contemporary Greek minimal synth track
  • THE SHINING PATH-GUNSHIP; we're haunted and intrigued by the found dialogue samples in this song