The Synth Hero Show w/ Dialect



Buchla, Moog, Roland, E-mu, Fairlight, Korg, Yamaha, Waldorf. The Synth Hero show pays its respects to those that need. An ode to synthesis from the latest and greatest.

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  • The White Noise-Love Without Sound
  • Tomita-Arabesque No.1
  • Japan-Ghosts
  • Spectral Display-Tango
  • Laurie Speigal-Clockwork
  • Tangerine Dream-Wahn
  • Holden-Gone Feral
  • Beak-Eggdog
  • China Crisis-African & White
  • Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith-Sundry
  • RAMZI-Crepuscule
  • Jon Hassell-Hamburg
  • David Borden-Enfield In Winter
  • Gaussian Curve-Impossible Island