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Apiento, a.k.a Paul Byrne runs the invaluable Balearic Test Pressing blog, co-runs and A&Rs the International Feel record label, produces for US label Golf Channel and has had releases on Leng, Claremont56 and Andy Blake's World Unknown. His show has that wonky poolside disco thing going on as well as some more mellow things and some older finds.

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  • Vangelis Katsonlis-The Slipping Beauty (Telephones Remix)
  • Visions Of Panama-Heartbeat
  • Dream Chimney-Feather Bed For Hatchback
  • Dutch Rhythm Combo-Cartagnera (Ray Mang Remix)
  • Len Leise-Stars for Jorge
  • Richard Schneider-So Sorry
  • Lark-Tedra
  • Jack J-Atmosphere
  • Harvey Sutherland-New Paradise
  • Idjut Boys-One For Kenny (Bjorn Torske Remix)
  • Selvy-Canoe
  • Naphta-Age Of Sun
  • Virgo-Take Me Higher
  • Mr Fingers-What About This Love (Dub)
  • Les Crocodiles-La Nuit Des Tropiques
  • Sasha-A Key To A Heavenly Trance
  • Jose Radila-Lollipop (Dream 2 Science Remix)
  • Underground Resistance-303 Sunset
  • Omyricon-Sweet Dreams (Andras Fox Remix)
  • Dream 2 Science-How Do I Love Thee
  • Hunee-Rare Happiness
  • Prefab Sprout-If You Don't Love Me ( F SOL MIX)
  • Chez Damier-Forever Monna
  • Balil-Small Energies
  • Rhythim is Rhythim-ICON
  • Sueno Latino-Sueno lation (Derrick May REMIX)
  • Jean Luc Ponty-Computer Incantations For World Peace
  • Underground Resistance-Journey Of The Dragons
  • Laurent Garnier-Acid Eiffel
  • New Jackson-Satisfaction
  • Mie Ayam-3
  • Tin Man-Falling ACID
  • Mr Finger-Can You Feel It