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Apiento, a.k.a Paul Byrne runs the invaluable Balearic Test Pressing blog, co-runs and A&Rs the International Feel record label, produces for US label Golf Channel and has had releases on Leng, Claremont56 and Andy Blake's World Unknown. His show has that wonky poolside disco thing going on as well as some more mellow things and some older finds.

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  • Inyrmind-Papercuts
  • Bullion-Tc Hook
  • Sketches-Der Stern
  • Move D-Analog Players
  • Domenique Dumont-L'espirit
  • Bullion-Chant
  • League Ambada-Amaqviero
  • Brother Resistance-Wars in Space
  • Brother Resistance-Starwarz
  • Mike Lundy-Nothin like dat funky music
  • Carole King-Bitter with the Sweet
  • Len leise-Stars for Jorge
  • Domenique Dumont-le chateau
  • Vangelis Katsoulis-Enigma (Young Marco Remix)
  • Massive Attack-Unfinished Sympathy (Instr)
  • Vangelis Katsoulis-Slipping Beauty (Telephones Remix)
  • Africaine 808-Ngoni
  • Sonic Emporium-Swimming
  • Selvy-Canoe
  • Jose Padilla-Lollipop (I:Cube Casiotone Remix)
  • Jose Padilla-Lollipop (D2S Beats & Remix)
  • Hunee-Rare Hapiness
  • Harvey Sutherland-New Paradise
  • Dozzy Donato-Cassandra
  • 2000 Black-Make It Hard
  • Tambien-Ondule
  • Hysteric-Arabian02
  • Domenique Dumont-La Basse