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Apiento, a.k.a Paul Byrne runs the invaluable Balearic Test Pressing blog, co-runs and A&Rs the International Feel record label, produces for US label Golf Channel and has had releases on Leng, Claremont56 and Andy Blake's World Unknown. His show has that wonky poolside disco thing going on as well as some more mellow things and some older finds.

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  • Sade-Sweetest Taboo
  • Ghost Vision-Beach Freaks
  • Womack & Womack-MPB (12 Kinda Feelin')
  • Sorcerer-Voice Of Nabu (Uni9versal Cave Remix)
  • Waffles-Gaufre
  • Fuga Ronto-L'Uomo Invisible
  • Eko Kuango-Na Mawazo
  • Black Bones-Black Bones 10
  • Dico Sempre-Animali Di Branco
  • Area Code 615-Stone Fox Chase
  • Fracnes Bebey-Red Axes Edit
  • Cantoma-Tala Lumi (Apiento Remix)
  • Brother Valentino-Stay Up Zimbabwe
  • Gino Soccio-Try It Out
  • Cairo-Smokin'
  • Nautic-MPB (Apiento Edit)
  • Soul II Soul-African Dance
  • Sade-Paradise (Eternity)
  • Cultural Vibe-Power Dub II
  • Jex Opolis-Right Beside You
  • Koxo Club Band-La Maranza
  • Tony V-African Dance
  • Ajukaja-Benga Benga
  • Maalem Mahmoud-Guina
  • Gold Fingers-Galegos
  • X-X
  • Da Posse-In The Life (Keys Mix)
  • Da Posse-Searchin' Hard (Mike Dunn Mix)
  • Ashford & Simpspon-Bourgie Bourgie