The Do!! You!!! Breakfast Show w/ Charlie Bones



How Do You feel this morning? Different? Me too. Do!! You!!! Whats going on? Who knows! Lets ask. Hang loose with Charlie Bones, and guests.

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  • Johnny Osbourne-We Need Love
  • Stevie Wonder-Keep on running
  • Robert Palmer-Johnny And Mary (album version)
  • Gil Scott Heron & Brian Jackson-A Prayer For Everybody/To Be Free
  • Roy Davis Jr-Gabriel (feat Peven Everett)
  • Wholesale Hip Hop Beats-Hip Hop Beat 322
  • The o’jays-Darlin' darlin' baby
  • The cure-Boys Don't Cry
  • Rufus Feat. Chaka Khan-Hollywood
  • Hype Williams-Your Girl Smells Chung When She Wears Dior
  • Blood Orange-High Street
  • Marvin Gaye-Distant Lover (live (1974 Oakland-Alameda Coliseum))
  • Thundercat-A Message For Austin Praise The Lord Enter The Void