Black Impulse & The Extended Play Sessions



Long time record collector and purveyor of fine musical flavours Mr. Pedro cooks up a banquet of aural delights every other week: afrobeat to disco and more, time to liven up.

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  • Iasos-Formentera Sunset Clouds
  • Falcons-Perdido en el Universo
  • Brian Bennett-Solstice
  • Break the Chains-The Truth is all I want
  • William Sheller-Sous Le Signe Du Verseau
  • Mike Quatro Jam Band-In the Court of the Krimson King
  • Rotary Connection-Turn Me On
  • Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic Echoes-Sais (Egypt)
  • Ralph Lundsten and the Andromeda All Stars-Spring Fever
  • Bo Hansson-Awakening
  • The Ronnettes-I Saw Momma Kissing Santa Claus
  • Black Sabbath-The Writ
  • Gnod-Innevitable Collateral
  • Kamasi Washington-Malcom's Theme
  • Matthew Halsall & The Gonduwa Orchestra-Only A Woman
  • Yasuaki Kakashi--
  • Ahmad Jamal-Swahililand
  • Tom Scott & The California Dreamers-North
  • Dizz Do Ticadoo-My Opinion of Love
  • Tomaga-Days Like They Were Before
  • Boredoms-Ant 10
  • Jimmy Page-Lucifer Rising
  • King Crimson-Exiles
  • Stomu Yamash'ta-Mountain Pass
  • Vaclav Neckar Bacily-Planetarium
  • Joby Bernabe-La Logique Du Pourrissement
  • Doris Norton-Machine Language
  • Renaldo & The Loaf-Street Called Straight
  • Evil Acid Head-The Name of all that is Unholy
  • Sex Swing-Night-Time Worker
  • Funkadelic-What is Soul?
  • Parish Hall-How Can You Win?
  • Black Children Sledge Funk Group-Feelings I've Got
  • Bayete Umbra Zindiko-Let It Take Your Mind
  • Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic Echoes-Cosmic Funk
  • Button Down Brass-Superstitious
  • The Cramps-Kizmiaz
  • Brazillian Beat-Nega Do Cabelo Duro
  • Agawalam Mba-Stone-Face and Life Everlasting
  • Rikki Ililonga-Love is the Only Way
  • Rim & Kasa-Shine the Ladies
  • The Saints-Know Your Product
  • Yamasuki's-Yamasuki
  • Samuel Breez-Euphrates
  • Hawkwind-Masters of the Universe
  • Karate-Zaprowadzic Ciebie Musze Tam
  • Jagatara-The Naked King
  • James Brown-Body Heat
  • Paolo Tofani-Un Altro Universo
  • Kiru Stars-Family Planning
  • Darlene Love-Christmas