The Extended Play Sessions w. Mr Pedro & Daniel Willis



Long time record collector and purveyor of fine musical flavours Mr. Pedro cooks up a banquet of aural delights every other week: afrobeat to disco and more, time to liven up.

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  • Jean Yves Labat-Transition
  • Cerrone-In The Smoke
  • Space Resonances-Pop Dream
  • Magic Ring-Light Flight
  • Heldon-(Electronique Guerilla )Back To Heldon
  • Bob Stanley-Finders Keepers
  • L'univers De La Mer-Iceberg En Voyage
  • Philippe Besombes-La Plage
  • Secret Russian-Unknown
  • Light Breeze-Reggae Resonance
  • Pacific-Spirit
  • Nino Ferrer (Nino And Radiah)-Looking For You
  • Cortex-I Heard A Sigh
  • Supermax (Fly With Me)-Ain't Gonna Feel
  • Son The Spirit-The Other Song
  • Boban Petrovic (Aroz)-Pozar U Glavi
  • Ralph Lundsten-Discophrenia
  • Eolika-Falling Stars
  • Mugwump-Boutade
  • Boards Of Canada-Nlogax
  • Fila brazillia-Tosh
  • Yazoo-Situation (Dub Version)
  • Strafe-Set It Off
  • Tempest (Trio)-Do You Like The Way It Feels
  • Proton-Make Your Move
  • War-Keep On Doin( Joe Claussell)
  • Caldera-Sky Island
  • Cesar Mariano & Cia-Futebol De Bar