The Guardian Radio Hour w/ John McEntire (Tortoise)



This episode of The Guardian Radio Hour has Ben Beaumont-Thomas talking to the noted producer and drummer, John McEntire, of Tortoise fame. They cover the riches of Chicago's vast musical history, taking us from Sun Ra, through to the Art Ensemble of Chicago, Brise-Glace, Adonis, and of course, Tortoise.

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  • Howlin’ Wolf-Smokestack Lightning
  • Sun Ra-Plutonian Nights
  • Art Ensemble Of Chicago-Theme De Yoyo
  • Aorta-Strange
  • Strike Under-Closing In
  • Adonis-No Way Back
  • Brise-Glace-Neither Yield Nor Reap
  • Plush-Three-Quarters Blind Eyes
  • Tortoise-Gesceap