THE POÆTRY SHOW w/ James Massiah



James Massiah pays homage to poets and orators - both the well-known and the unrecognised, married harmoniously with heartfelt soundtracks.

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  • The Players Union-Barry & Marvin
  • Suzanne Kraft-Horoscope
  • Virtue-Gotta Worship
  • Bad Boy Family-You
  • The Internet-Under Control
  • Retiree-Together (Andras Fox Remix)
  • The Whole Truth-Party Down (Ft Lucid Paradise
  • Stratus-Footprints
  • Leroy Burgess-Heartbreaker
  • Jeanette "Lady" Day-Come Let Me Love You
  • Miguel Migs-Breakdown (Ft Lisa Shaw)
  • Amanda Project-I Hear You Dreaming (Larry Heard Nocturnal Mix)
  • Al Jarreau-High Crime
  • Snoop Dogg-Run Away (Ft Gwen Stefani)
  • Todd Osborne-Air pistol
  • The Whole Truth-Who's Taking All The Love Away (feat. Lucid Paradise)
  • Crazy P-Echo
  • Silverclub-Amorphous Electric (Unreleased)
  • Morgan Geist-Detroit
  • Marshall Jefferson-Open Our Eyes
  • Lisa Shaw-Find The Way
  • Bjorn Torske-God Kweld
  • Big Sean-Play No Games
  • Wiley-Got Somebody