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Hip hop to deep soul, smouldering electronica to jazz and back again, whether released this week or 50 years ago. It's about energy, a musical conversation. The sounds loved by David Sacks and Francis Redman, played with love for you.

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  • Pye Corner Audio-Remanence
  • Teebs-LSP feat. Austin Peralta
  • Austin Peralta-Ode To Love
  • Flying Lotus-DMT Song feat. Thundercat
  • Micachu & The Shapes-Fall
  • Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland-Venice Dreamway
  • Karriem Riggins-Bring That Beat Back (next time)
  • Boy MTN-Teams 303 (Teams retouch)
  • Juju & Jordash-Way Of The Road
  • Debukas-Golden Mind (Pional Remix)
  • Medlar-Govern
  • Kode9-You Don’t Wash (Dub)
  • Bostro Pesopeo, Pional-Baby blue
  • Rotary Connection-I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun