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Hip hop to deep soul, smouldering electronica to jazz and back again, whether released this week or 50 years ago. It's about energy, a musical conversation. The sounds loved by David Sacks and Francis Redman, played with love for you.

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  • Paul Woolford-Mother and Child Divided
  • Revenu-Inject
  • Zomby-Acid Surf
  • Ben Kaczor-Ohh
  • Steven Julien-Reficul
  • A.K Paul-Landcruisin
  • New Machine x Aaron London-Dare 4 U
  • C V C-Skippy Head
  • Trim-Man Like Me
  • Commodo-Russian Glass
  • Atlas-Calm
  • Elf Kid-Oh Gosh
  • DeeJillz-7UP
  • Ruff Sqwad-Pied Piper