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Hip hop to deep soul, smouldering electronica to jazz and back again, whether released this week or 50 years ago. It's about energy, a musical conversation. The sounds loved by David Sacks and Francis Redman, played with love for you.

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  • Pete Rock-Intrigue
  • Pete Rock-One, Two, A Few More
  • French Montana Ft. Chinx N.O.R.E.-Off The Rip
  • Rampage-Wild For Da Night
  • Kannan-Grime
  • Kannan Ft., Under, Brotherhood, Aye Nizzy-Grime (Remix)
  • Durrty Goodz-David Rodigan
  • Faze Miyake-5000
  • Ramadanman-Glut
  • CKtrl-Dolphy Mastered
  • Walton-L.E.A.N.
  • Logos-Savanna Overlord
  • Dj Sotofett-Cross Jungle Tide
  • Sully-Inroads
  • Bukem & The Peshay-19.5 Reprisal
  • Wan-Ghost
  • Shlohmo-Ditch
  • Múm-We Have A Map Of The Piano
  • Lymbic System-Inwards
  • Fennesz + Sakamoto-Oto (Sound)
  • Maribou State-Wallflower
  • George FitzGerald (ft. Boxed In)-Full Circle
  • Pépé Bradock-Abuf Abbas
  • Seven Davis Jnr.-Sunday Morning
  • Dego-Star Track 7
  • Warmth-A Song The Children Dance To
  • Sylvain Krief-Israel Suite