The Reign Set w/ Elena Colombi



The Reign Set show's sole objective is to shine a light to the environs of outsider artists. Host ‘Gary The Tall’ pays particular attention to obscure and uncovered post-punk, dub, prog, synth, psych, no wave & whatever else.

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  • Lette Mbulu-Pula Yetla
  • Extase-Mecanique Rythmique
  • Princehammer-Forty Days
  • Martin Rev-Rocking Horse
  • Simona Buja-Still Close
  • Richard Davis-Methane Sea-Aftermath
  • A.P.I.-Biting Back
  • No More-Ain't Got A Clue
  • Kubler-Ross 'Victims of Victimless Crimes' (John Bender Cover Version)
  • Unknown-Unknown
  • The Sisters Of Mercy-Anaconda
  • Christian D'Orbit-Drive Me Crazy
  • The Pagan Rites-Track 03
  • Move-Cosa Domani
  • Dark Day-Arp's carpet
  • The Cassandra Complex-Prairie Bitch
  • De Ambassade-Wat Voel Je Nou