The Reign Set



The Reign Set show's sole objective is to shine a light to the environs of outsider artists. Host ‘Gary The Tall’ pays particular attention to obscure and uncovered post-punk, dub, prog, synth, psych, no wave & whatever else.

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  • Cabaret Voltaire-Silent Command
  • Blancmange-disco-a-bomb-bomb
  • Bill Nelson-Another Willingly Opened Window
  • Nurse With Wound-Black is The Colour Of My True Love's Hair
  • Current 93 ft Nick Cave-All The Pretty Little Horses
  • The Birthday Party-The Friend Catcher
  • Magazine-Permafrost
  • Associates-White Car In Germany
  • You've Got Foetus On Your Breath-I Am Surrounded By Incompetents
  • 2.3 Children-I Don't Understand
  • Tuxedo Moon-Dark Companion
  • The Residents-Sinister Exaggerator
  • Art Bears-The Song Of Investment Capital Overseas
  • Nico-Sixty Forty
  • The Family Fodder-The Organ Grinder
  • Boards Of Canada-Happy Cycling
  • Julia London-Dark
  • Joy Division-The Eternal
  • Grumbling Fur-Secrets Of The Earth
  • Five or Six-Another Reason
  • Hothouse Species-Trust
  • Electroworks-Aqualung
  • Eyeshadows-Jump
  • 23 Skidoo-Last Words
  • Medium Medium-Them Or Me