Throwing Shade



London-based DJ and producer Throwing Shade brings you an ethnomusicological perspective on weird and wonderful music from around the world. Expect regular themed special episode; a good dose of history, and above all, good music to broaden your horizons. Every other Saturday, 1-2pm.

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  • The Art Blakey Percussion Ensemble-Ocalypso
  • Geinoh Yamashirogumi-Kaneda
  • John Fahey-Kuolema
  • Davy Graham & Shirley Collins-Hares on The Mountain
  • The Freedom Fighters-Tipperary Far Away
  • Kemba Sussoku-Improvisation
  • Bob Marley-Waiting In Vain
  • Gamelan Royal-Kraton
  • Gafrujon Aksakol, Alimboi Masadyk Ogly-Suvora Andizhany
  • David Fanshawe-Deo Gratias Sudanese Courtship Dances
  • R.R . Zangesshah, F. Sajedi, A. Surizehi-Sowt
  • Ali & Party-Enyi Wa Hirai
  • Irshad Khan-Jor & Jhala
  • Joy Division-Disorder live at Les Bains Douches 18 Dec 1979