Time Is Away - Land: A Common Treasury



This month’s Time is Away was a programme called Land: A Common Treasury. Seamus Heaney, Virginia Woolf, Derek Jarman and Joan Smith dwelt on the meanings embedded in land – a place and a concept – ownership, belonging and exclusion, all set against some truly gorgeous music.

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  • ZNR-Proumier assai per s'amourousis d'un moustre
  • Aksak Maboul-Mastoul Alakefak
  • Peter Howell-Love Theme
  • Apryl Fool-Sunday
  • Charles Bellonzi and Robert_Viger-Structures 1
  • ‘I feel therefore I am’ [1969] / John Cage-In a Landscape (1)
  • Shirley Collins and Davy Graham-Hares on the Mountain
  • Black Sabbath-Orchid
  • Bruno Nicolai-aka
  • Agincourt-Joy in the Finding
  • Tolerance-Two Owls
  • Virginia Astley-A Summer Long Since Passed
  • Ithaca-Journey