Time Is Away - Book of Hours



Time Is Away and somewhere else every month on NTS. Each hour-long show uses music, alongside snippets of spoken word, to produce something that is part soundscape, part essay for the radio.

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  • Katherine Mansfield-South Wind
  • Paul Giovanni-Maypole Song
  • Luli e Lucina-Pequenininha
  • Dylan Thomas-I See the Boys of Summer
  • Syd Barratt-Golden Hair
  • Rock Jazz Trio-Orientasie
  • Tony, Caro & John-Eclipse of the Moon
  • Philamore Lincoln-The North Wind Blew South
  • John Keats-Ode to Autumn (with Sun Ra)
  • The Summer Sounds-The Leaves Are Turning Brown
  • Faine Jade-Cold Winter Sun
  • Deux Filles-Winter Comes and the Village is Overflowing with Children
  • Samuel Taylor Coleridge-Frost at Midnight