Time Is Away - H is for Hoax



This month’s Time is Away is one for the credulous, as we play with smoke and mirrors to present a series of tall tales, faked research and celebrated hoaxes. Pulling the wool over your eyes: The Magnificent Randi, Orson Welles, The Hollies and Professor Simon Schaffer.

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  • Zeit-Kalimba
  • Linda Cohen-Arroyo
  • Injun Joe-Indian Priest
  • Mien Kampf Volume 3-Wasn’t this enough to warn you these were fake?
  • Spike-New Germany
  • Plinth-Anniversary Waltz
  • London Jazz Four-Orientis
  • The Trees Community-Psalm 46
  • Lothar and the Hand People-Space Hymn
  • The Hollies-Stop Right There