Tom Boogizm



Fantastically broad selections from Wigan's finest - Tom Boogizm. Manning a mid-day slot from NTS Manchester's studio, expect mixes straddling the wide berths of contemporary electronics, older and jazzier records, hip-hop and even post-punk.

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  • Deepchord-Range Lights
  • Alva Noto-Xerox monophaser 2
  • Phork-Tear up
  • Pierre Schaffer-Pluto Dynamique (Etude Banale)
  • Inga Copeland-Advice to young girls
  • Mikey Murka-Version
  • George Theodorakis-Milky Ways
  • Harmonia-Veterano
  • John Bender-People Feeling (Long Version)
  • Die Gesunden-Baby Love
  • Dabrye-Infinite Wavelength (Dabrye Wavelength)
  • Co.Fee-Kali
  • JME-Taking Over
  • Elcetronome-Bass Conductor
  • Red Planet-War Dance
  • Millie & Andrea-Corrosive
  • K.T. 19941-Aura
  • Translation-Power of the 3rd Brain
  • Crash Course In Science-Jump over barrels (demo)
  • Villan X/Naughty Wood-Character
  • Ruins-Sexual Desire
  • The New Year-My bleeding Wound