Tom Furse & Pete Fowler



Tom Furse is a musician and compiler - searching out the spaces in between genres - tune in for all things wonky; an education in spacious sound and dusted soul.

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  • Talking Heads-Unknown
  • Japa Habilidoso-Argonomia Setorial
  • Circle Sky-Reveal
  • Tony McPhee-The Hunt
  • The Steve Miller Band-Fly Like An Eagle
  • Ned Doheny-Labour of Love (Red Ken Remix)
  • Unknown-Infinite Strangers Love Sounds
  • McDonald & Diana-Tell
  • Dave Williams-Living Reef
  • Lone-Interview In Honolulu
  • Boards of Canada-Nothing is Real
  • Tom Furse-Beets For Breakfast
  • Tom Furse-Flesh Tunnel
  • Dave Gerrard-People of the World
  • Jack J-Thirstin
  • Andy Hart-Epsilon Girls
  • Hubie Davison-Sanctified
  • Luv You Madly Orchestra-Rocket Rock
  • Stephen Encinas-Lypso Illusion
  • Original Tropicana Steel Band-Calypso Rock
  • Todd Rundgren-Dust in the Wind
  • Gil-Scot Heron - Angel Dust
  • Samuel Jonathan Johnson-Sweet Love
  • HNNY-Caypio
  • Detroit Swindle-Figure of Speech
  • Sly and the Family Stone-Sing A Simple Song