Tropical Waste



Tropical Waste is at the forefront of underground club music. Giving a platform for the finest of club oddities, multi-cultural and party positive. The next generation.

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  • Lee Gamble-M25 Echo
  • Rainer Veil-Strangers
  • Actress-Gaze
  • Untold-Drop It On The One
  • Logos-Menace
  • Acre-Physically
  • Gage-Telo
  • Wen-Time (feat Parris)
  • Synth Sense-Broken Parallels
  • Mite-Cemetery Seance
  • Arca-Self Defense
  • Mr Mitch-Pipe Dreams
  • DRIPPIN & COPOUT-Night Flare (Visionist remix)
  • JAM CITY-Melty Valve
  • Ahnnu-Gall