An hour of dreamlike dance music, with a focus on new offerings and weird invocations.

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  • Auscultation-Ash
  • Kyle Hall-I <3 Dr. Girl Friend
  • Valentin Stip-Gravels (I & II)
  • Actress-Xoul
  • Tin Man-No New Violence
  • FIT & Gunnar Wendel-Enter The FOG
  • Call Super-Dovetail
  • Yosi Horikawa-Wandering
  • Special Request-Capsules (Lee Gamble Mix)
  • Joe Goddard-All I Know
  • Raw M.T.-Sara (Greg Beato Remix)
  • Beatrice Dillon-My Nocturne
  • Torn Hawk-A November Mission
  • Perfume Advert-The Drowned World
  • Denson Parris Sacred Harp Singers-The Good Old Way
  • DJ Koze-Nices W√∂lkchen (Robag Remix)
  • Scuba-Dream
  • Rankin Ann-Liberated Woman
  • Chateau Flight-Kounka (Steve Moore's Off World Remix)
  • The Knife-Still Light