Unknown To The Unknown w/ Baba Stiltz, Gramrcy, Photonz & Fools



UNKNOWN TO THE UNKNOWN presents HOT HAUS RADIO: hosted by Fools and featuring exclusive DJ sets from the extended family: DJ TLR, Willie Burns, Serge, DJ Overdose, Baba Stiltz, Tuff Sherm, The Soft Pink Truth, Errorsmith and more have already hit the airwaves with lots more planned for 2016

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  • New World Aquarium-Introduction
  • dBRm-We Are Noone You Know
  • Melvin Oliphant-Interzone
  • Hodge-He Woke in the Darkness
  • Integrity II-Living in a Fantasy
  • Pametex-Hidden
  • James "Jack Rabbit" Martin-Only Want To Be (Unreleased Acid Version)
  • DJ HAUS-No Sense (Legowelt Remixxxx)
  • Kieth Worthy-Cyclops
  • Delroy Edwards-Untitled
  • Mall Grab-Hold Me Close
  • Disco D-High Noon
  • Gerry Read-Tango
  • Blake Baxter-TR 0808 Rhythm 14 (Original Mix)
  • JTC-Jak Your Own Stars
  • African Dreams-All In the Same Family
  • Igor Tipura-Dwams
  • Danny Tenaglia-Harmonica Track (DT's '97 Mix)
  • Lnrdcroy-UNTHANK008
  • Baba Stiltz-Guest Mix
  • Lost Entity-Annihilate (L.E.S. Mix)
  • Ralph Rosario/Hex Complex-I Want Your Love
  • Man Machine-Technology
  • Egyptian Eyeliner-Anger Frustration
  • Trackman Lafonte & Bonquiqui-The Feeling The Force
  • The House Master Boyz & The Rude Boy of House-House Nation
  • Adonis-No Way Back
  • Quest-Escape From the Jungle (House Mix)
  • Carpenteria-Gadget Messiah
  • Secession-Touch (Part 3)
  • Dino Lenny-Cocaine (Remix)
  • Risque-Burn It Up Mr D.J (Dub Mix)