RP Boo - Live from Unsound Toronto



Transmissions direct from Toronto for Unsound festival. Highlights include apocalyptic drone from SUNN O))), Oscar Powell re-counting the previous night's foot injuries and hospital trip with Lorenzo Senni, and an in-depth interview with producer Elysia Crampton.

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  • Rp Boo-02-52-03
  • Rp Boo-Party Motion
  • Dj Clent-Let Me See You Juke (feat DJ Puncho)
  • Rp Boo-No Return
  • Rp Boo-Night & Day
  • DJ Rashad & DJ Taye-Get You Burnt
  • Dj Rashad-Cause I Know U Feel (feat Gant Man)
  • Dj Spinn-Dubby (feat Danny Brown & DJ Rashad)
  • RP Boo-Heavy Heat
  • Rp Boo-Speakers R-4
  • Traxman-Blow Your Whistle