We Are... w/ Paul Camo



WE ARE... with Paul Camo. An 2 hour slot to make sense of his musical discoveries and influences. Imagine a musical vagabond pouring his caboodle of sound into your ears and you've nailed it.

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  • Peter Thomas-Stars And Rockets
  • Polish Radio Orchestra-Colours in Rhythm- Anxiety
  • Shamek Farrah-First impressions
  • The Animated Egg-Sock It My Way
  • Blackout (Rouge Music)-Smoulder
  • Rock Workshop (The Very Last Time)-Weeping Wood Mandalas
  • Power of Zeus (The Gospel According To Zeus)-The Sorcerer of Isle
  • Solution-PHASES
  • Soreng Santi-Iron man
  • R.A.K.-And Then There Was Skin (Cozy Powell)
  • Maledictus Sound-Wedding Party
  • Erkin Koray-Mesafeler
  • Zoo-If You Lose Your Woman
  • Up Pops Ramsey Lewis-"Jade east"
  • The Mogul/ Les Mogul-Sunset in Golden Horn
  • Gental Giant-Valedictory
  • Triptyque-If You Are In A Bad Mood