Wine Lips



Wine Lips is the monthly of Illustrator Daniel David Freeman. Specialising in reggae and dub whilst exploring their influence on other genres across balearic, new wave, italo, worldbeat and early house

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  • Tango-Saty - Untitled
  • King Kong-He Was A Friend
  • Stop Inform-Courtney Melody
  • Chuck Turner-Trying To Conquer
  • Malcolm X-No Sell Out
  • Lindstrøm & Todd Terje-Lanzarote
  • Wally Badarou-Chief Inspector
  • Axel Bauer-Cargo
  • Blancmange-Feel Me
  • Robert Wyatt With The Swapo Sisters-Namibia
  • Gino Latino-Welcome
  • Nexus-Stand Up
  • Kaso-Key West