Wine Lips



Wine Lips is the monthly of Illustrator Daniel David Freeman. Specialising in reggae and dub whilst exploring their influence on other genres across balearic, new wave, italo, worldbeat and early house

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  • Adu-Burkino Faso
  • Love Joys-All I Can Say
  • Wyane Jarrett-Brimstone & Fire
  • The Congos-Fisherman
  • The Now Generation-People Make the World Go Round
  • Marcia Grithis-Green Man
  • Doctor Alimantado-Born For a Purpose
  • Tapper Zuke-Praise Jah In Gladness
  • Light of Saba-Out Cry
  • Bunny Clarke-Be Thankful
  • Dilinja-Flat Foot Hustling
  • Cymande-Zion I
  • Horace Andy-Money Money
  • Horace Andy-Love Hangover
  • Johnny Clarke-None Shall Escape the Judgement
  • Lee Perry-Soul Fire
  • Gregory Issacs-Soon Forward
  • Augustus Pablo-Lightning Chap
  • Gregory Issacs-Night Nurse
  • Barrington Levi-Sensimilia
  • Bob Marley-War