Wine Lips



Wine Lips is the monthly of Illustrator Daniel David Freeman. Specialising in reggae and dub whilst exploring their influence on other genres across balearic, new wave, italo, worldbeat and early house

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  • Carlton Coffee-Chant Away Version
  • King Tubby-Judgement Dub
  • Anthony Red Rose-Tempo
  • Pat Davis-I'am Just A Girl
  • Joy White-Dread Out De
  • Jonnie Clarke-Easy Skanking
  • Freddie McKay-Rock A Bye Woman
  • Carl Dawkins-Dreadful Situation
  • Jr. Ross + Tappa Zukie-Freedom fe Natty
  • Tinga Stewart-Coo Deh
  • Half Pint-Desperate Lover
  • Ini Kamozi-Hot Stepper
  • Courtney Melody-Down Presser
  • Little John-Cork Up Dancehall
  • Junior Reid-Sound
  • Teddy Irie-We Rule The Border
  • Dance Hall Business-Al Campbell & Horace Andy
  • Michael Rose-Bad Boy Mix II
  • Unknown-Version