Wine Lips



Wine Lips is the monthly of Illustrator Daniel David Freeman. Specialising in reggae and dub whilst exploring their influence on other genres across balearic, new wave, italo, worldbeat and early house

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  • Kiala Pepple-New Generation
  • Alpha Blondi-Brigadier Sabari (OpĂ©ration Coup De Poing)
  • Untitled-Untitled
  • Black Velvet-You Got No Feeling
  • Johnny Lover-Forgive I
  • Everal Cooper And The High Two-Help Out This Nation
  • Voices Of The Trinity-Save The Children
  • Michael Rose-Freedom
  • Rod Taylor-Ethiopian Kings
  • Don Carlos-Gimme Gimme Your Love
  • Cultural Roots-Mr Bossman Dub Plate Mix
  • Augustus Pablo-Ammagiddeon Dub
  • Anthony Red Rose-Tempo (Version)